N02, Athletes Village, Stratford, London

Main Contractor: The Ardmore Group

Client: Fleetwood Architectural Aluminium Limited

Start Date: 6 July 2010

Finish Date: 18 January 2011

Installation of window and door frames.

Frame fixed, Glazed, sealed with EPDM , handed over:

  • Block A: Frame fixed = 199 No., A total of 671 m2.
  • Block B: Frame Fixed = 51 No., A total of 214 m2.
  • Block C: Frame Fixed = 98 No., A total of 354 m2.
  • Block G:Frame Fixed = 42 No., A total of 150 m2.

Frame repaired, reglazed and EPDM redone.

This frames was previously installed by other Fleetwood Installation Company direct in the concret panel openings in the factory.

Frame repaired:

  • Block A: Frame Repaired
  • Block B: Frame Repaired
  • Block C: Frame Repaired
  • Block G:Frame Repaired